Smart Home Extensions

This book is a collection of 32 extension projects carried out on country houses and urban dwellings, temporary or permanent residences, built in gardens, attics, patios, inner courtyards, backyards and even in the air. Extensions of a durable type and entirely temporary additions, containing anything from a single utility or service room, to a complete residence; all of these ventures are thoroughly documented at every step of the design process, both technically and graphically, from the concept stage to the point of completion. The internationally recognized that authored these interventions have generously made available all sorts of explanatory guidelines and details of the solutions they implemented. The result of this combination offers a wide choice of suggestions and valuable examples, of great use for the definition of future reform and extension plans; this book is, in conclusion, an inestimable instrument for all sorts of professionals and architecture students concerning themselves with interior design, furnishing and decoration.